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Kirsten Holmberg


I'm Kirsten.

I was originally a numbers gal, but these days words are my thing. I coach speakers to improve their communication. I speak to groups on topics related to both business and ministry. And I write articles. Please don't ask me to choose one—I couldn't possibly. I launched my coaching and consulting practice so I could serve others with all of my experiences and passions.


Coaching + training

Most people wish they were better at public speaking. I’ll help you and your team develop the presentation skills needed to deliver your messages in a way that's clear, compelling, and confident. Even in virtual settings.


You've got a lot riding on your event. I'll work with you to ensure your audience gets what they need to make it a success. You can count on me to deliver high-value content to your audience in an engaging way.

Not quite sure what you need?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation. We'll figure it out together.

Kirsten was informative, engaging, and authentic. She provided thought-provoking information and heart-moving inspiration.

I'm proud to have served, contributed to, and been featured in these noteworthy organizations and publications.

Some of my favorite moments

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 4.44.40 PM
Kirsten backstage with TEDxBoise speaker Liyan Babayan

Words, words, and more words

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