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What a rope and seven runners taught me about encouragement

What seven runners and a rope taught me about encouragementI’ve watched a lot of cross-country races in my day. All three of my kids participate in the sport, so I’ve become a big fan. One of my favorite races is the Steven Thompson Memorial Centipede. It’s unlike any other high school meet my kids’ teams attend because the athletes run as a single unit for the first two-thirds of the race. No joke: all seven members of the team hold a rope while they run.


For the final mile, they drop the rope and finish the race as individuals. But each athlete’s finishing time is driven, in large part, by the strength of their team whose collective pace positions them for the final mile. The fastest athletes finish slower than they do when they run alone and, often, the slower runners finish faster. Read More

Striving or Sitting: Dollars, Pounds and Resolutions

Like many of you, I’ve been reflecting on the last year and setting my sights on the next, waxing philosophical about my life and how I can improve it and myself. Through resolve. Are any of these common new year’s resolutions on your mind?

Weigh less. Exercise more. Eat better.

Work less. Work harder. Achieve more.

Spend less. Pay off debt. Save more.

Some of them are on my list, too. And I love lists. To wrangle the chaos of life into neatly bulletized lineups gives me the perceived control that evades me in reality.
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Caution: Men at Worship

Grungy clothes. Sweaty brows. Dusty feet. How did this manual labor constitute a church service?

Church looked a little different this weekend. Our ‘Sunday best’ involved work gloves, hats and rolled-up sleeves. Our congregation took to the hills for a little old fashioned work.

We ambled our way up the hill and put our shoulders into the effort. I watched my children and husband find their groove and settled into my own. My body engaged in its task and my mind began to muse. The lessons were plentiful…  Read More