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Bridging the distance in friendship

The prospect of moving 800 miles away filled me with grief. As an introverted person, anticipating the loss of the friendships I’d built over many years was deeply painful. I feared losing the proximity that wove my life into the fabric of others’. I feared distance would unavoidably change, or even end, those relationships. I…

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Books & Media

Bible Studies and Book HE IS… THEREFORE I AM Co-authored with Julie Turner A seven-week study designed to move what the mind knows to be true about God into the heart. Each week examines one attribute of God’s character and encourages participants to embrace the corresponding truths in their own lives. Available for purchase on Amazon. Suitable…

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Fold ’em

My four children were all between the ages of two and five. Simply venturing out into the world required the equipment (and courage) of Seal Team 6. Armed with diaper bags, snacks, toys, books and what little remaining patience I could muster, I’d run only the most critical errands. I’d select the grocery cart that…

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