Take note (you’ll be glad you did)

I had completely forgotten about it.

It wasn’t until I cleaned out a few desk drawers that I found it again, buried amongst scraps of paper and some expired coupons (I’ve just never mastered that coupon thing…). The notecard was from a retreat I attended several years ago. During one of the personal moments of reflection, we were assigned to write a note to ourselves from Jesus addressing whatever challenge we were experiencing at that moment. I unfolded the pink-striped paper and found a fresh gift, a loving dose of encouragement. I hope they offer you the same:

My child,

Fear not for all that is on your plate, for none of it is too much for Me to handle. I’ve made you with gifts and strengths. And I’ve allowed you flaws and weaknesses. This way you see My power manifested in you through both. Learn to not be all… control all… manage all. Depend more on Me and on the Body with which I surround you. Allow others to grow into their own giftings and skills; don’t rob them of that opportunity by overusing your own. I’ve given you much to savor, delight in, and enjoy. Don’t miss any of it by being too consumed with tasks and to-do lists. You are enough.


Finding these words again feels Divinely orchestrated.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to write yourself a similar note right now. Prayerfully look at yourself through Jesus’s eyes. He is love is tender and merciful. Allow Him to minister to you and write what you hear. Those words will be a salve to your soul today…

…and perhaps someday again in the future.

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